Activities to Improve Quality of Hospitals Information Technology System by The Thai Medical Informatics Association AD. 2013-2015.

Choosna Makarasara, Wansa Paoin, Chamaree Chuapetcharasopon, Maliwan Yuenyongsuwan, Bordin Sapsomboon, Sranyoo Chanate


The Thai Medical Informatics Association (TMI) started the hospital information technology system quality improvement since AD 2009. Three quality improvement tools were created, i.e. framework for quality improvement, self assessment form and roadmap to hospital information system quality improvement. In AD 2013, the association invited hospitals to start the information technology improvement activities using the tools, until now 25 hospitals are actively using the tools to facilitate hospital information technology quality improvement. TMI and the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (HA) plan to accredit the information technology quality of the hospital in late 2015. Initial self assessment from 25 hospitals showed that the framework category 7 data and information, got the highest average quality score (2.385) due to past activities of information quality audit in hospital, while the framework category 6 control, got the lowest average quality score (1.032) due to lack of monitoring and control system. Eight quality problems were identified in these hospitals i.e. lack of health IT master plan, lack of IT risk management, no security management, no basic quality assurance, lack of quality monitoring data, data center management problem, lack of important clinical data and ineffective quality control mechanism. TMI will assist this group of hospital to make sure the some hospitals could get accreditation on the hospital IT quality.

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